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Goat kids for sale: Summer 2019
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Boer and Boer/Anglo Nubian goat kids

Our nannies are Anglo Nubian, Boer and an Anglo Nubian/Guernsey cross. This year we used a Boer billy and so far have a stunning set of seven Boer/ AN kids and two pure Boers.

Relaxed Real Foods
Boers are a meat goat and when crossed with a dairy breed (such as the Anglo Nubian) produce fabulous chucky kids who, as adults, can then be readily milked - the butterfat content of the milk from these crosses is high, higher than their pure Anglo Nubian mums.
Goats make stunning pets as well as being great at clearing land - they form very strong bonds both with each other and with their human owners.
To own a goat you must have a County Parish Holding number, a good shelter, good fencing and space for them to browse and graze. We only sell our kids in pairs or more. We test our goats annually for CAE and Johnes and undertake regular fecal egg counts and best practice pasture management in order to try to keep the worm burden low.

Our kids are available to reserve now and will be ready to go to their new homes by mid August. We currently have five female and two male Boer crosses and two pure Boers.
Females £150 Males £90. (a 50% deposist will secure your perfect kids!!)

On Saturday 1st June, we ran our first ‘Thinking About Goats’ mini-course - it proved fabulously popular, we were fully booked in four days. Another one is planned soon: watch this space, keep an eye on our Courses website and/or join our mailing list.

To book a course or make an enquiry about the kids, you can also email or ring 07929 204521.
Relaxed Real Foods
Boer/Anglo Nubian crosses: Hazelnut (female), Peanut (male) and Walnut (female)
Relaxed Real FoodsRelaxed Real Foods
Boer/Anglo Nubian crosses: Almond (male) and Pistachio (female)
Relaxed Real Foods
Boer/Anglo Nubian crosses: Chestnut and Cashew (both females)

Pictures coming soon: Pine (male) and Pecan (female) - our pure Boer twins, born 2nd June
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