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Relaxed Real Foods: sales of livestock and farm produce
Current stock for sale: July 2017
Registered Boer nanny (93.75%) and her female kid (100%) - £590
Garlic (Puddleduck Trixie, born Feb 14) plus a daughter from this year (Relaxed Ryka) are happy and healthy and super friendly. Garlic is a superb mum and has had triplets both times she has kidded. Great lines and will make a superb addition to any existing herd or as a start to a new one.
All enquiries/ visits welcome plus post sale support and guidance to any new goat keepers.
We are not CAE accredited but happy to do tests before we sell (at a cost to the buyer).
Give us a call 07929 204521 or email
Relaxed Real FoodsRelaxed Real Foods
Full range of livestock for sale over the course of the year
Boer and Boer/Anglo Nubian Goats
Kids for sale mid spring when weaned, females (registered) for pets/breeding and (castrated) males for pets/meat, horned
Relaxed Real Foods
Dexter calves
Registered calves for sale in the autumn once weaned at six/seven months, bull or heifer calves, usually black, disbudded
Relaxed Real Foods
Shetland and Shetland/Badger Face Sheep
Registered and non-registered weaned lambs for sale mid autumn, females and castrated males for lawn mowers/breeding/meat
Relaxed Real Foods
Indian Game and IGx Chickens
Chicks or chickens for sale summer through to the autumn
Relaxed Real Foods
Bourbon Red and BRx Turkeys
Poults for sale summer through to the autumn
Relaxed Real Foods
West of England Geese
Older goslings for sale late summer and early autumn
Relaxed Real Foods
Muscovy Ducks
Ducklings for sale summer through to the autumn
Relaxed Real Foods
Produce for sale from Autumn 2017: lamb and pork - watch this space
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