Relaxed real foods
Relaxed real foods
Relaxed real foods
Relaxed Real Foods: sales of livestock and farm produce

Currently available (last updated 21st Sept 2019)

Ring 07929 204521 or email to enquire about any of our animals for sale

Shetland/Shetland x lambs,
from £40:
3 wethers, 3 ewe lambs left, ideal for breeding, pets, lawn mowers and meat - more
Boer/AN Goat Kids,
from £90:
1 male and 1 female left, ideal for breeding, pets, milk and meat - more
Muscovy ducks,
from £8:

male and female, huge variety of colours, dual purpose ducks for eggs/ meat - more

Boer and Boer/Anglo Nubian Goats
Kids for sale mid summer when weaned, females for pets/breeding and (castrated) males for pets/meat, horned
Relaxed Real Foods
Five month old kids
available - details here
Dexter calves
Occassional yearling steers or cow plus calf in tow for sale. We also sell beef, usually in boxes, occasionally specific cuts
Relaxed Real Foods
Succulent beef
available now
- see below
Shetland + Shetland/Badger Face Sheep
Registered and non-registered weaned lambs for sale mid autumn, females and castrated males for lawn mowers/breeding/meat
Relaxed Real Foods
Weaned lambs: 3 rams and 3 ewes
available - details here

Cross breed Chickens
Chicks or chickens for sale summer through to the autumn
Relaxed Real Foods
Point of Lay
available autumn 2019
Bourbon Red and BRx Turkeys
Poults for sale summer through to the autumn
Relaxed Real Foods
Young adults
available autumn 2019
West of England Geese
Goslings for sale summer through to the autumn
Relaxed Real Foods
Goslings available spring/summer 2020
Muscovy Ducks
Ducklings for sale summer through to the autumn
Relaxed Real Foods
Ducklings/young adults
available now - details here
Dexter Beef, Lamb and Pork meat boxes available from animals lovingly and carefully raised
on our beautiful 10-acre 'Relaxed' smallholding.
Relaxed Real Foods
Order now and then pick up anytime direct from our smallholding

  • Dexter beef: 10kg boxes comprising topside, silverside, brisket, and rib joints; rump, ribeye, sirloin and fillet steaks; mince and diced beef.
    £115 (based on £11.50/kg)
  • Shetland and Shetland/Badger Face lamb: 5kg-6kg boxes comprising leg joint x1, shoulder joint x1, breast or mince and 8-10 chops
    £50 to £60 (based on £10/kg)
  • Oxford Sandy and Black pork: 8kg-9kg boxes comprising leg joints x2, shoulder joints x2, belly pork x1, chops x4 and 2 packs of sausages
    £56 to £63 (based on £7/kg)
  • Mixed boxes to order: based on above prices and comprising of whatever joints and cuts you wish to choose
    £50 minimum order

    Meat is packaged, labelled and frozen.
    Orders to be paid for in full before collection or on the day (cash only) if ordered and collected within a 48 hour period.
    Ring 07929 204521 or email
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